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Erasmus Recruitment Days

This year the event will take place from the 26th of January until 12 February 2021.
The ticket-price is €12,50, however for this you get a stuffed goody bag full of company provided gifts, snacks and information. This will also grant you full access to all activities during the ER-Days.
Due to the current COVID-19 measures, we are unable to have physical activities. All of our activities will be online and therefore accessible to students who are currently not in Rotterdam.
You can unsubscribe for an activity via the website up till 2 days (48 hours) before the activity, you will not be fined.
If you want to unsubscribe within 2 days, after 17:00, of an activity, a fine of €15,- will be charged. If you don't unsubscribe and don't show up, a fine of €25,- will be charged. However, this is only for CV-selection activities. You can unsubscribe yourself via your schedule. (Note that this is only for CV-selection activities and Special Days)
If you don't unsubscribe and don't show up, a fine of €25,- will be charged. (Note that this is only for CV-selection activities and Special Days)
You will be informed about this later on, but you will be able to pick up your goodie bag after the Erasmus Recruitment Days 2021. You might even receive the goodie bag at home ;)
We received a lot of emails about the policy of acceptance and rejection of the cv and non-cv selection activities. First of all, the cv-selection policy is based on the anonymous cv selection done by companies. This is a highly competitive process. For the other non-cv selection activities the selection process is based on an algorithm. This means everyone had a fair chance to be selected. Some activities are very popular and have limited spots, which means that the chance you get selected for the activity decreases. We do our ultimate best to provide everyone with the best and most suitable match by bringing the preferences of the company as well as the preferences of the students together. For activities as Power Networking and Special Days, some students see ‘rejected’ or ‘reserve’ in their applications, but see ‘accepted’ in their schedule for a different company. The schedule is leading, if the activity is in here, without waiting list, you are accepted and expected to be present.
‘Reserve’ on your applications means that you are not accepted (as a first choice), but you still have a chance to participate in the activity. You do not have to be available at that time, so do not worry about the penalty policy. If a spot becomes available, we will call you one or two working days before the start of the activity to ask if you want to claim that spot.
Power Networking sessions are scheduled for 3 hours in your calendar, with a time slot of 30-45 minutes below. This timeslot of 30-45 minutes is when you have to be present. This is the same for Individual Interviews. We expect you around 5 minutes before your interview in the video call.

Penalty Policy

To learn more about the Penalty Policy, visit:

To learn how to unsubscribe,

The online website

An account on the Erasmus Recruitment website is completely free. However, if you want to meet the recruiters physically on our annual 2-week event in February, the ticket-price is €12,50.
ER combines all vacancies and events of several companies on one platform. Companies can upload their vacancies easily so that students have a summarized view. Students can also directly send messages to recruiters of companies on ER.
Because the old ERP had a lot of inactive accounts, all accounts have been left on the old platform. We want to start with a fresh start, therefore you have to create a new account again. However, of course this still is free.

The rebranded ER

Since this year all our colours have changed. We fully updated our appearance to match the style of 2020. Our Days event is still the same and the synergy between the online website and physical days is even better.
The site is more than just the new ERP. It has expanded with a fresh look, better functionalities and even a chat to directly connect with recruiters of companies!
Everyone that owned an account on the has to make a new account on the new Because we wanted a fresh start, without old unused accounts!