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Cookie Statement

Cookie Statement

This Cookie Statement is applicable to all the websites “Erasmus Recruitment” (General Partnership), founded by the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) and Study Association of the Rotterdam School of Management (STAR) operates. Erasmus Recruitment uses cookies for its websites, in this Statement the use of cookies is explained.

Your cookie settings

Cookies ensure that, for instance, your username is remembered and that you receive information that interests you. At Erasmus Recruitment, you can choose from 3 cookie settings.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files that we put on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and read out when you use our websites or apps. Some cookies are necessary, in order to enable the use of online banking, for instance. Cookies allow us to analyse your online behaviour on our websites and in our apps. These analyses help us continually improve our websites and apps. There are other cookies that simply make the website more personal, for instance: emails from Erasmus Recruitment also leave behind a small file that sends information when you open the email, which also tells us whether you open it on your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone.

Cookie settings

You decide which cookies you allow. If you do so, your settings will then apply for all devices on which you log in. You can always change your settings by deleting cookies via your browser’s ‘internet options’ and visit Then you are asked to choose your settings again. There are 3 settings: Necessary, Analytical, Marketing

1. Necessary:

  • Functional cookies
  • Analysis cookies (anonymous)

If you only want to allow the cookies required for functioning, choose the ‘Necessary’ setting; you can use our website, and your screen settings will always be correct. When you choose the ‘Necessary’ setting, you can still receive messages from Erasmus Recruitment on websites of other parties, but these are not specially tailored or selected for you.

2. Analytical

  • Functional cookies
  • Analysis cookies (customer-specific)
  • Interest cookies

If you choose the Analytical’ setting, we can analyse your personal visits to our website to improve our website.

3. Marketing

  • Functional cookies
  • Analysis cookies (customer-specific)
  • Interest cookies
  • Marketing cookies and similar identifiers on websites/apps from Erasmus Recruitment or third parties inside and outside of Europe.
  • Social media cookies

If you want to get the most out of our websites, choose this setting. Your details are remembered on and you give explicit permission for your visit to be analysed on the personal level and for these analyses to be used for tailored messages from Erasmus Recruitment, such as special offers, on Erasmus Recruitment’s website. Within this setting your IP address might be shared automatically to third parties (such as Google Analytics)

Explanation of the different types of cookies

  • Functional cookies: Ensure that our websites and apps are working properly
  • Analysis cookies (anonymous): To measure the use of our websites and apps and quickly solve problems
  • Analysis cookies (customer-specific): To measure your use of our websites and apps
  • Interest cookies: To save your preferences and username, for instance
  • Marketing cookies and similar identifiers: Based on your online behaviour, we can show you messages tailored to you, like special offers, for example
  • Social media cookies: To share the content of our websites and apps via social media

Refusing cookies

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can change this option. The settings in your browser can be changed to limit cookies or to reject them completely. You can also remove individual cookies. Please note: sometimes the website will not function properly or not function at all when you change these settings.

The way to change these settings in your browser depends on the browser you are using. You can use the following instructions on how to change your settings in commonly used browsers:

More about cookies and privacy statement

About marketing identifiers

When you use our website, we collect a unique device identifier for marketing purposes (the Advertising Identifier on iOS devices and the Google Ad ID on Android devices). This ID is unique for your device and contains no other personal data like your name, your phone number, or your email address.

Sometimes we collaborate with Social Media platforms, e.g. to show a relevant message on your personal page. To do so, we share an identifier with these platforms, so they can check whether or not you have an account. Aside from this one identifier, we share no other personal data with Social Media platforms.

Resetting marketing identifiers

You are fully in control how companies like Erasmus Recruitment may use this ID and you can reset the ID any time you want. To receive or turn off personal ads on your personal page, check your privacy settings on the Social Media platform (e.g. for Facebook, navigate in Facebook to Settings > Privacy > Advertising).

Erasmus Recruitment uses the following cookies:

Google Ad Services

  • Aim: Have certain keywords related to an organization show higher on a Google Search results.
  • Data storage: a maximum of one year


  • Aim: Conducting a qualitative research among website visitors and acquiring better insights in the behaviour of website visitors. This data is used to improve our website.
  • Data storage: a maximum of one year

Google Analytics

  • Aim: Gaining insights in site visitor behaviour to improve the user experience.
  • Data storage: a maximum of one year
  1. NB) Third-party cookies are not included in this overview. Third-party cookies can only be accessed after giving consent to our ‘Marketing’ option in cookies.


Do you still have any specific questions or comments regarding our cookie statement after reading this information? Then please feel free to contact us by sending an email to