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System explanation

Explaining the schedule and other matters


Because of the new system we also have new visuals, where we are very happy with. But this can cause some confusing, therefore we will explain it below.

Your applications

You can view Your applications and the status of them. Below is a screenshot of an example. There are three statuses after publication of the schedule, which we will explain:

  1. Attending: you are expected to be at the event, if you are not present, you will be fined according to our penalty policy.
  2. Reserve: The company was interested in you, but they could not fit you in the event. Therefore you are on the Waiting List and your status is reserve. You are not expected to be at the activity, unless you have been called by us, saying you are still wanted to attend.
  3. Rejected: Your CV has not been selected by the company, therefore we can not allow you in this activity.


If you want to unsubscribe for an activity, you can click the 'garbage bin'. When pressing this, a pop-up will appear, where you are asked your reason for unsubscription, as depicted below. As long as you unsubscribe 2 days in advance of the activity before 17:00 you will not be fined, as stated in our penalty policy.

If the Garbage bin is not behind an activity, this means you are rejected (not-selected) and therefore it is not necessary to unsubscribe. And no penalty will be incurred.

Your schedule

You can view Your schedule after all companies have selected the CV's and the schedule is published. Here you can see for which activities you are expected to be present. There are a few different labels:

  1. Waiting list: this is the same as reserve described above. You are not expected to be present in this activity, unless we have called you to tell you a spot freed up.
  2. Optional: the penalty policy is not active for this activity (Opening, Network Drink, Training and Company Introduction), therefore you will not be fined if you unsubscribe too late.

We expect you to be present 15 minutes before the start of the activity to make sure that everything can start in a timely manner.