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About ER and its most important partners.

Erasmus Recruitment Service

The Erasmus Recruitment Service (General Partnership) facilitates students of Erasmus University Rotterdam by providing a wide range of career opportunities offered by its two main components: the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform. Since 1997, the Erasmus Recruitment Days is the most acclaimed recruitment event of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In 2015, the Erasmus Recruitment Platform was established as the personal bridge between the Erasmus student and the corporate world. The Erasmus Recruitment Service is an initiative by the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) and the Study Association Rotterdam School of Management (STAR).

Erasmus Recruitment

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform is the personal bridge between the Erasmus student and the corporate world. With expansive company profiles and a large supply of internships, vacancies and events, students can orientate on potential employers. Another unique feature is the environment where students can find professional advice on entering today’s labor market.

About Erasmus Recruitment

Erasmus Recruitment (ER) enables all students from the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) to get in touch with their future employers. ER provides the means for all students to build a rewarding career throughout and after their student life. This is realised by facilitating online and offline recruitment activities

One of the core pillars of ER is the online recruitment platform. This is a year-round platform where employers get the chance to connect with students by communicating their latest internships and vacancies, or by inviting students to their recruitment events. Additionally, employers gain brand awareness through their company profile on ER. The online recruitment platform creates the opportunity for both students and companies to contact each other through a chat function.

The Erasmus Recruitment Days is another core pillar of ER and is the annual offline extension of the year-round online platform. This annual event is the largest on-campus recruitment event in Europe, with over 100 companies and 2500 participants every year. The Erasmus Recruitment Days took place from January 24th until February 10th 2023. During these two weeks, companies will be able to get in touch with talented students with various backgrounds, primarily in business, economics and econometrics.

For more information about previous Erasmus Recruitment Boards, please take a look at our history page.

About Erasmus Recruitment Board

As the Erasmus Recruitment Board you are responsible for Erasmus Recruitment, a joint venture between EFR and STAR. In addition, you will be responsible for organising the Erasmus Recruitment Days, a three week recruitment event for all students of the Erasmus University.

The Erasmus Recruitment Days (ER Days) is the largest on campus recruitment event in Europe and offers students in all study phases an ideal opportunity to see what the job market has to offer and to meet their future employer. During the Erasmus Recruitment Days, nearly 2500 students get in touch with around 100 companies with over 200 activities. By letting companies and students participate in various activities, the ER Days offers students in all study phases an ideal opportunity to see what the job market has to offer and possibly meet their future employer!

If you are interested in a board position, you might want to obtain as much information as possible. You can find the brochure for the Erasmus Recruitment Board here!

You can apply via the EFR or STAR website by uploading your CV and motivation letter to the application form. Your motivation letter should include an introduction about yourself and your motivation.

About EFR

Founded in 1925 and now with over 6,500 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. From academic events, to recruitment occasions and social gatherings; EFR bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Each year, EFR organises various activities and events for students of the Erasmus School of Economics, as well as other students of the Erasmus University. Among other things, they offer the cheapest books, provide study support, and organise social events to help students feel at home in Rotterdam. We also help prepare you for the labour market, bring you in touch with your future employer, and enhance your student experience. The best known event by the public is the EFR/EenVandaag lijsttrekkersdebat.

About STAR

RSM STAR is the study association of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University. With more than 6,500 members, STAR is Europe’s largest student led study association and above all the most active and professional study association in the Netherlands. Each year, about 250 dedicated active members organize STAR projects that reach thousands of students.

STAR’s mission is to enrich RSM student life. This mission is facilitated by the great amount of activities that are organized by numerous bachelor and (pre)master committees and the Master Study Clubs. The active members form the foundation which is supported by three pillars: Career, Academic, and Social.

About Erasmus School of Economics

ESE in Rotterdam, the economic and logistic center of Europe, has provided excellent education and produced excellent research for over a century. Many successful careers have started here. Graduates of ESE are ideally equipped for success in the business community, government positions and research anywhere in the world.

Erasmus Recruitment connects ESE's students and corporations by providing a year-round online recruitment environment. Besides, the Erasmus Recruitment Days bring the students and corporations together on the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Dean of Erasmus School of economics, Prof. dr. Patrick Groenen, says he is looking forward to the launch of the promising Online Recruitment Environment in October 2020 and trusts that the Erasmus Recruitment Board will lead this platform to a success. "I also trust that the Erasmus Recruitment Days will again be successful this coming year."

About Rotterdam School of Management

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University develops future business leaders and decision makers who will become a force for positive change in the organisations they join and in the world around them. RSM’s bachelor graduates are young business professionals who are ready to implement their fresh and bright ideas as they join the labour market. RSM’s master graduates possess the essential skills to identify and capitalise on business developments.

Erasmus Recruitment offers RSM's students guidance through their career path by connecting them with a wide range of interesting organisations such as yours. Companies now have the possibility to connect with them in the year-round Online Recruitment Environment. Furthermore, company recruiters will be able to meet our students during the Erasmus Recruitment Days, which offers a series of well-organised student-driven events, as said by Ansgar Richter, Dean of Rotterdam School of Management. "I hope recruiters will use Erasmus Recruitment to connect with these bright talents to help them lead their organisation into a sustainable future."

Preceding Erasmus Recruitment Boards

For a list of preceding organisers, take a look at our history page.