Penalty policy

How to unsubscribe

First try to unsubscribe for the activity yourself via your Dashboard or the page where you signed up for the activity, you can learn more here. If the unsubscribe button is not there, state this in an e-mail together with your First name, Last name, activity that you want to unsubscribe for and reason to

Penalty Policy

By participating in the Erasmus Recruitment Days, you agree to face a penalty if you do not show up for CV-selection activities or any of the special days. To compensate for the damage suffered by the ERD (think of rented rooms, purchased materials, reputational damage, etc.) and to give everyone a fair chance to participate in popular activities, we apply a penalty policy. The penalty policy is our standard policy and no discussion is possible.

Cancellation of your participation in an activity of the Erasmus Recruitment Days is only possible through your account on our website.

The penalty policy contains the following rules:

For activities during the Erasmus Recruitment Days:

  • If you unsubscribe at least 2 working days before 5pm, you will not be fined.  
  • If you unsubscribe later than 2 working days before 5pm, a fine of €15.00 will be charged.
  • If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the Erasmus Recruitment Days and do not show up at this activity, a fine of €25.00 will be charged.

For example: If you are selected for an activity where CV-selection applies or for a special day on Friday February 1st starting at 9.00 am, and you unsubscribe before 5:00 pm on Tuesday January 29th, you will not receive a fine. If you unsubscribe on or after 5:01 pm on Tuesday January 30st, respectively, a fine of €15.00 will be charged. If you do not unsubscribe at all, a fine of €25.00 will be charged.

The amount of the fine and about whether or not it will be deducted cannot be discussed with the Erasmus Recruitment Days. The Erasmus Recruitment Days obligates herself to be cautious when handling out a fine. Demonstrable errors will be taken into treatment, and if necessary, corrected. The debt collection of the fine will be communicated to the student at least two weeks before.

When a participant is not able to sign off because an event occurred beyond their control, the participant needs to contact the Erasmus Recruitment Days within two (2) weeks after the fine is given. The Erasmus Recruitment Days will look into the case and take a final decision about the fine.