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The new CV trend - Marissa Mayer

With an estimated net worth of around $500 million, we could certainly learn a thing or two from Yahoo’s President & CEO, Marissa Mayer. As the first woman engineer at Google, Mayer has conquered the male-driven tech industry and is surely worth paying close attention to. This article will guide you through the different parts of ‘Mayer’s CV’ and provide some tips on how to improve your resume. Who knows, maybe you’ll land your next job opportunity through your innovative resume!

The Ingredients

Currently, Mayer is busy rounding the $5-billion-dollar transaction selling some of Yahoo’s core assets to Verizon. Therefore, it doesn’t really look like Mayer would need to go on a job interview anytime soon. However, resume creation startup took it upon themselves to design a one-page resume for Mayer. The result of this can now be considered the next big CV trend, so prepare to be inspired! Take a look at the sample CV for Marissa Mayer, don’t you think the design is simple, yet invites you to become very interested in the content? We think so too!


By adding graphs, keywords, and by having a simple design, your resume will stand out and invite recruiters to learn more about you. Let’s take a look at the several sections of this resume!

1. Header

The header of Mayer’s resume explains in two words what she is and what she stands for, a ‘Business Woman & Proud Geek’. With something like this, you open your resume on a light humorous note, not taking yourself too seriously. This is something some recruiters might certainly appreciate. Furthermore, in your header you want to add your full name, email address, phone number, and in some cases if you like, a picture of yourself. 

2. Experience

Marissa Mayer definitely has job experience to be envious off, but no one expects you to have job experience even close to this! Of course, it is very useful if you’ve done an internship or two, or have worked part-time in a team setting. Add these experiences to your resume, and start your resume with this section, recruiters will be very interested to learn more about your experience. Make sure that you put your most recent (or current) job experience first. Also, add a brief explanation of your responsibility, as you can see on Mayer’s resume. If this got you thinking about building or improving your resume with some more exciting internships, check out our ‘Job Offers’ section. We have some noteworthy internship opportunities lined up on this platform, make use of this and start building your job experience as Mayer did! Remember, if you have extensive work experience, only pick the ones that are most worthwhile mentioning for that particular position. 

3. A Day of My Life

It is certainly not expected of you to add a pie chart describing your day-to-day activities, but for Mayer it shows her attention to detail and offers a little more insight into her character. The graph outlines perfectly how you spend your day and how you focus on present and future activities. Mayer is known for her energy, working ’130-hour weeks at Google’, which shows how driven she is. It is nice to show a recruiter what your passions are and how driven you are to make them into reality, a graph like this does exactly that job in Mayer’s case.

4. Life Philosophy

Moving on to the right side of her resume, Mayer’s life philosophy is highlighted. This is a nice way to add something you are inspired by. It gives you the opportunity to talk about something you stand for and believe in, and how you apply this life philosophy to everyday situations. Of course, beware of what quote you choose and who you quote. Make sure you don’t quote a controversial person (or you may do so, depending on your motivation behind it) and that you quote something that applies to you. Moreover, keep in mind that the left side of your resume is the first thing recruiters tend to look at and, thus, the more important side of your resume. Mention sections as job experience here make a good first impression on recruiters. 

5. Most Proud Of

Have you ever had the ‘what accomplishments are you proudest of’ question in a job interview? So did we. It is a common question asked by recruiters that gives them an impression of what drives you, what you value in life, and how easily you can recall an event that showed your skillset. It is certainly a very nice and useful section to have on your resume, which will give recruiters insight into your personality and show them your key characteristics and successes. 

6. Strengths

The strengths section on Mayer’s resume shows keywords describing her character and things she’s good at. Doesn’t it remind you of the ‘Skills & Endorsements’ section on LinkedIn? This section serves its purpose, it will show a recruiter your skillset and your key strengths. This will make it easier for a recruiter and see whether you will match a certain position. These days, companies even use applicant tracking systems which search specifically for certain keywords mentioned on resumes. So, a section highlighting your strengths in a few keywords is surely useful to add!

7. Languages

It has become increasingly important, in our modern-day global economy, to mention the different languages you speak. It is attractive for companies and recruiters to look for students that are (at least) bilingual. Especially if you know English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian or Portuguese – very important languages in business - mentioning this will give you an extra edge over other candidates. Additionally, as can be seen in Mayer’s resume, it is certainly advisable to mention how proficient you are in these languages. And be honest, you want to avoid being assigned for example manager of all the Spanish speaking regions with just basic understanding of the language.

8. Education

Mayer’s resume includes a section dedicated to her education. For Mayer this was a long time ago and her job experience is the most important part of her resume, but for students like you this might be a more relevant section. Being a student of Erasmus is certainly something valuable to add to your resume! Our University is, after all, widely renowned and triple-accredited. 

Try It Out!

Lastly, we’d like to add a small side note to the abovementioned. Although Mayer’s CV looks brilliant and is indeed an eye catcher, the concept is rather new and innovative. Thus, it will not suit every company. For marketing or any other creative positions, we would encouragingly recommend being creative. However, more conservative companies and positions - such as banking or governmental institutions - on the other hand, would still like to see a more traditional CV highlighting solely your skills.

It surely doesn’t hurt to experiment with your resume design though! Visit the website and prepare to feel inspired. We’d like to encourage you to find your own creativity when designing your resume. Avoid copying exactly the same resume as Mayer’s, instead try out new designs and sections that suit you best. 

Start building your resume in such a way that it accurately describes your unique personality and skillset, and most importantly, get creative!