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What podcast to listen to next?


Podcasts are very popular now, the amount of people listening to them growing exponentially each year. Either listening on your way to university, work, while running on the treadmill, or doing house chores, listening to podcasts is a great way to add value to your day while on the move. Here is a selection of top podcasts on career development that any professional can benefit from:

Squiggly Careers

If you are looking for career development tips, Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper (the founders of the Amazing If) discuss a wide range of career development topics from: how to manage stress and overcome your confidence gremlins to micro-aggressions and discovering your strengths. Each episode is full of ideas and actions that anyone can put into practice to achieve professional fulfillment.

Available on: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The Career Reset

For anyone who wants weekly inspiration, tools, and advice on how to grow your career, get a new job, change careers, become a stronger leader, build a support network, build your personal brand etc., join former senior Fortune 500 Executive to The Career Reset. Moreover, if you would like behind the scenes details on how career management works in real world, the host also interviews subject matter experts, from coaches to corporate executives.

Available on: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Career Talk: Learn – Grow – Thrive

Host Stephanie Dennis takes a funny, fresh, and playful approach to what are normally serious topics like perfecting your resume, preparing for an interview, job hunting, how to deal with burnout, and more. There is a lot of fun and joking around during the podcast, so if you are up for a good laugh besides getting useful tips, this one is for you!

Available on: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The Evolved Career

The Evolved Career is a podcast meant to inspire, entertain, teach, and help you move forward powerfully and confidently to get the career and life you want. The world where we are working and living in alignment with our best selves, giving our time and talent only to the things we truly care about is not that far away with Julie Bauke and The Evolved Career.

Available on: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Happen To Your Career

Everyone wishes to find meaningful and fulfilling work that also pays well. The host, Scott Barlow, believes that there are many ways to narrow down what exactly creates fulfilling work for you and how to make it happen. If you want to find the path to your ideal career and get the necessary tools for it, this podcast might be for you.

Available on: Apple Podcasts and Spotify.