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Some simple concepts to become a better leader

For the book Likeable Business, dozens of CEO’s were interviewed to determine what makes them good – and likeable – leaders. Soon, you will start your career and most likely take on a leadership position at some point. But you still have some time to practice! So, when that time comes, think back on these simple concepts and apply them to become a best leader you can be. Read along and find out what we mean.


Great leaders should try to listen to several important groups of people. One of these being customers. This group is probably the most important, as listening to what customers and prospective clients want and need is vital to any business. Also, listen to the challenges those customers face. Great leaders also listen to colleagues and are open to new ideas. Employees tend to be more effective when they feel that their superior listens to them and takes their ideas into account. Lastly, leaders are advised to listen to shareholders, investors, and competitors. Combine these groups and you have the vital core of your business. So, it is definitely important to listen to any of their suggestions, requests or remarks.


Leaders, focus on your storytelling skills! Telling great stories is key, whether it is in order to sell products, telling a story to a prospect over lunch, a boardroom full of people, or thousands of people through a video. You need to be able to sell your vision as a great leader as storytelling is what captivates people and drives them to act. 

Authenticity & Transparency

Great leaders are who they say they are, and should show that they have integrity. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be dominant or authoritative. Showing vulnerability and humility is an important aspect of being an authentic leader and shows other employees that you are also human. Leaders who show authenticity create positive, attractive energy. Openness and honesty leads to happier subordinates, customers and colleagues. 


Richard Branson is a firm believer in the fact that you ‘You Can't Fake Personality, Passion or Purpose’. It is important to genuinely care about the business and its purpose. Purpose is no longer a buzzword. It’s a must-have. Passion and purpose will also keep people around you focused on the job at hand. People who are able to bring passion to their business are contagious in this emotion. Customers and colleagues will become more effective this way as well. 


Lastly, try to be appreciative and never forget to say thank you to anyone who has helped you along your way. Mentors, customers, colleagues keeps leaders humble, appreciated, and well received. 

Above all, treat others as you’d like to be treated! By showing others the same courtesy you expect from them, you will gain more respect as a leader. All of these concepts may seem simple but yet it can take years to fully implement them and live by them. Learning from experiences of other successful CEO’s will definitely help you in your journey to the top!