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Recruitment events upcoming? This is how to secure your spot.

With many recruitment events upcoming, we want you to feel ready to show recruiters your best side! Recruitment events are a great way to start networking and building competencies required for your future career. Preparing will be even more fun knowing that, during the academic year, you will have the chance to participate in the STAR Management Week – the biggest off-campus recruitment event in the Benelux –, the EFR Master Career Week and the Erasmus Recruitment Days – the biggest on-campus recruitment event in Europe.

This article aims to help you prepare for recruitment events to ensure that you can make the most out of them.

Getting Ready for A Recruitment Event

For those who are not familiar with the concept, recruitment events attempt to connect students with companies. To achieve this, recruitment events offer an extensive range of activities to help you expand your knowledge and network, and build your competencies. The number of companies that attend recruitment events varies from 10 to 300 depending on how large the event is. Both the students and organizations can gain a lot during recruitment events, which is why these events are popular among students. With these simple steps, you will soon be ready to attend a recruitment event!

It is significant to find some information about the recruitment events you would like to attend before signing up for them. For instance, you should visit the websites of upcoming recruitment events, find out more information about the participating speakers and companies and check which activities or sessions you would like to attend. In addition, do not forget to check whether you meet the requirements for each event. Most recruitment events require you to hand in your resume, so make sure you prepare this document in advance.
Before you sign up for a recruitment event, it is important to make sure you have prepared you resume. From the recruiter’s perspective, your resume is a representation of your personality, skills and competencies. If you already have a resume, make sure to double-check and update this document before you sign up for a recruitment event. Imagine that a company has checked your resume and wants to contact you, but the phone number and/or e-mail address that you provide are not valid anymore. So, make sure you double-check especially this information. In case you would like to include a picture of you on your resume, you should ensure that this is a representative and professional photo. It is also recommended that you tailor your resume based on the profile of the companies that will participate in the events you are planning to attend.
As far as the content of your resume is concerned, you should briefly elaborate on job experiences and/or extra-curricular activities that have helped you develop your professional skills. This will help recruiters determine whether there is a fit between your past experience and the career opportunities they offer and help you stand out from a “bunch” of students that have a similar academic background with you.

During the Event

You should bring with you whatever you consider necessary to the recruitment event. For instance, you could bring with you a notebook to write down questions or the contact information of recruiters. It might also be useful to bring your own business card to a recruitment event. Business cards are usually highly appreciated by recruiters. For a complete list of tips and tricks on how to network during a recruitment event, please refer to the article ‘How to Network at A Career Event’

Make sure that you register on time to secure your spot at a recruitment event.