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The task of getting the first job in a new field


The task of the first job in a new field is not to get a high salary right away, but to gain experience and the opportunity to further develop as a professional.

How to get a job without work experience if you are targeting a large company? To test the ground in advance:

The paradox is that it is easier for newcomers to get into large companies than in small and medium-sized businesses. The giants have specialized training and mentoring structures, resources for the development of new employees, a long career ladder with starting positions.

  • Remind yourself regularly and update your data.
  • Find people in your environment who work for this company or cooperate with it, and ask for assistance.
  • Participate in open events held by the company.

Respond to suitable vacancies

Often those who have no experience have to start with internships. But we recommend responding to the initial positions too, especially if you already have work experience in another specialty in your resume. You need to respond as much as possible.

Respond not only to those vacancies in which experience requirements are not specified, but also to those where they are minimal (up to a year and from 1 year). Even with the indication that they are considering with a year's experience, a promising newcomer has chances to get a job without work experience if they show they are willing to learn.

How to make a resume? What to write about work experience?

Write about:

  • Details about education
  • Possession of tools (special programs, equipment, etc.) does not need to be limited to the usual enumeration, it is worth writing about the skills in detail (I perform / can read / correct / did).
  • Portfolio of works (link), even if they were educational or performed for free.
  • Professional interests.
  • It is necessary to list briefly all the experience, even if it is not in the profile. But in the description of responsibilities, it is worth trying to "isolate" skills that may be useful in a new place.
  • Work experience. Be sure to tell about your experience, even if it has nothing to do with your new job. Experience is not always a job for money. Add participation in volunteer projects, internship and internship to your resume.
  • The desire to work in a new direction.

How to compose a cover letter to your resume?

The emphasis is on the fact that a person already has certain achievements. To get a job without work experience, you need to demonstrate that there are reasons to trust a potential employee.

Verbs are more important (I decided, tried, studied, I can…) than adjectives (clever, creative, etc.)

Do not start the cover letter with the phrase "I have no work experience." Use positive language:

  • "during my studies, I gained knowledge from the field of...";
  • "I have the personal qualities necessary for this position...";
  • "I gained experience at my previous job..." and so on.

Also, tell us why you are interested in a particular position in a particular company. Sometimes candidates without experience, but "with burning eyes" at the expense of motivation bypass professionals tired of work.

Specialists in two or more fields. Therefore, if you have experience in another field, you can find a "related" option that combines the "old" job and the desired one. Therefore, experience in another field is not always a minus, it is often a huge advantage.