Preparations for online event

video calling programmes


Due to the current COVID-19 measures, the whole event will be online. We will use different video calling services as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. For the Network Drinks we use as a test. All links will be posted on your schedule, found at your Days Dashboard.

The reasons why we use this many programs are because of several factors. First of all the possibilities the different programs offer, some programs facilitate breakout rooms better than others. Zoom for example makes a Power Networking way easier to handle. A second reason is due to the companies, they are used to some programs and prohibit other programs. So we asked the preference of each and every company and custom fit to their choices.

The links can be found in your personal schedule, more information about this can be found on our explanation page.


First of all, we request you to download the newest version of Zoom, client for meetings. 

Download it at: 

When you press join on a link, the screen linking to your Zoom client prompts. This will get you in the meeting.

Google Meet

Google meet is a video conferencing tool within your browser. We request you to use Google Chrome for the best experience. The screen that prompts signs you in with your Google Account, or asks you your name. The latter is shown below.

Microsoft Teams

First of all, we request you to download the newest version of Microsoft Teams. Without this version, you cannot take part in breakout sessions. 

Download it at: 

When you press join on a link, the following screen prompts:

Turn on your camera and join with computer audio, subsequently press the ‘Join Now’ button that has turned blue. 

When you are in the meeting, you will see yourself and others using a camera.

The link provided to Microsoft Teams will only be the meeting link, not the chat link. Therefore, information shared and sent during the activity has to be manually saved.

For de online Network Drink we will use the online events platform

As a student you will see a link in 'My Schedule' at your Days Dashboard. After clicking this link, you will be redirected to Hopin. Over here you have to 'purchase' a free student-ticket. This grants you access to the Expo and Networking environments of this particular Network Drink event. You will have to create a new account, different from, in order to participate

Expo: In this environment an unlimited amount of students can join a meeting without having turned on their camera and microphone. Students will only be enabled to speak if they turn on their camera and microphone and ask questions to the presenting company.

Networking: In this environment, a speed date setting is created. Students can speak with recruiters individually for a minimum time of 15 seconds and a maximum time of 5 minutes. After this time slot, students will be switched to another recruiter randomly. Because of the ticket system of recruiters and students, only opposite groups can be matched.

Cisco webex

For an event hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank and Flowtraders on Special Day: Financial Investment, you are required to use Cisco Webex.

We recommend you to download it beforehand, as Cisco Webex cannot be used within your browser. Download it at: