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“Working for Samsung means creating the future.”

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Being one of the most valuable brands in the world, Samsung is known for its relentless innovation and groundbreaking technological developments. With generation-defining consumer electronics products and best-in-class services, we open up new windows of opportunity for millions around the globe. But what is it like, working for a leading tech company like Samsung? What about the culture and the people working there? And the positions open to you after you graduate? We asked two of our current Trainees to share their views.

Demand Analyst at Samsung Mobile

Julia Smeulders (Rotterdam)

MSc. Business Information Management and BSc. Business Administration at RSM
IMC Strategy at Samsung Display

Hidde Schaap (Rotterdam)

Msc. Policy Economics and BSc. Economics and Business at ESE

Samsung Traineeship

Hidde Schaap finished his Master in Policy Economics and started his Traineeship in IMC Strategy this September. "Working at Samsung might be a bit overwhelming at first. You hit the ground running the moment you get in and are handed real responsibilities right from the start. At the same time, you are given the freedom to learn more about the business, single out projects you want to get involved with and explore the organization. And with the help of your colleagues, buddy and mentor, you get settled rather quickly."

Having graduated in Business Information Management this summer, Julia Smeulders entered her Traineeship as a Demand Analyst in August. She says: "The Traineeship programme provides some extra guidance while getting started. It helps you find your way and acquire meaningful skills through several training sessions, in Excel and Time Management for example. I also appreciate the diversity. As a Trainee, you could work in supply chain at Mobile (i.e. smartphones and wearables) one year and marketing at Home Appliances (i.e. refrigerators and Connected Living) another. Or settle on product management at Display (i.e. monitor and signage solutions). There is also positions in sales, finance, process innovation, service and human resources. The possibilities really are endless." 

People and Culture

Despite the size of the organization, being split over the Schiphol and Brussels Office, it remains surprisingly personal, as Hidde explains. "What I like most about Samsung so far is the people I work with. Everyone is open and approachable, interested in you as a person and willing to help at any time. Besides, they like to be challenged, improve continuously and develop creative solutions. This nurtures a vibrant, dynamic and inspiring environment, welcoming to anyone who is willing to take the leap."

Julia agrees. "The culture and vibe really set Samsung apart for me. Although I haven't been able to go to the office much, it is an energizing and stimulating environment. You can feel it, even when working from home. Besides, activities are organized on a regular basis to keep everyone connected. During my time here, I have been to several online drinks, a virtual winetasting and an escape room. There is also sports events and energizers organized by a vitality coach and on Samsung Vision Day, hosted online, inspiring speakers tuned in from all over the world to deliver keynote speeches and workshops to everyone at our subsidiary."

In a nutshell…

Hidde wraps up with some final words: "Working at Samsung means performing at the highest level. You are part of a fast-paced multinational company filled with ambition and a drive to grow, pushing to do better every day. If you are excited about the latest technological innovations, thrive in competitive environment and have a can-do mentality, Samsung might just be the right fit for you.” 

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